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It's the matter of fact that the popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is growing rapdily. No additonal hardware costs will be imposed for employers to place iPad POS solutions right in servers’hands nowadays. Equipping the servers with the tools they require to work much quickly wutg nire efficiency, the WaveTOUCH app aims to revolutionize how servers take orders and receive payments tableside.

WaveTOUCH is an application which can be downloaded onto any iOS device to create an innovative mobile point of sale experience anytime and anywhere. WaveTOUCH can be used as a tool for servers or as a self-service solution at the restaurant counter.

WaveTOUCH can also be used as a complete self-ordering solution. Restaurant owners can leverage the app on countertop tablets to allow customers to place orders and process credit card payments all on their own.

No matter how it’s used, WaveTOUCH is now a proven Pad POS solution that better customer experience can be provided and keepinig you ahead of the competition worldwide.

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In the every day growing competition world, it is important that your restaurant must stay focused on continuous improvement and innovation. A suitable POS system is an effective way to stay fresh while also improving your overall success.

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People prefer to have things that they understand and are feel free with, which is what WaveTOUCH has been created. Nowadays Apple users are everywhere, therefore training staff and educating customers will be an easy job and to the straightforward, iOS operating system.

Reduce Waste

Increase Revenue

An iPad POS solution can improve customer experience, so as to also drastically boost restaurant efficiency and employee productivity. Streamlining operations with WaveTOUCH will get orders to the kitchen faster, allowing wait staff to serve more guests in less time. This spells out lower wait times, happier customers, and higher revenue.

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